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Photo: TOK’s Shelby , Bred by Texas Outback Kennels/ Ken Roberson


An applicant must meet all three requirements and abide by the ABBA Code of Ethics prior to submitting an application to be recognized as an ABBA registered Breeder/Kennel

  • You must be a breeder and exhibitor in good standing with the Alapaha Blueblood Bulldog Association
  • Have a documented background of active involvement/participation in ABBA events within the last 2 years through ownership of an ABBA Alapaha that has competed in an ABBA Events.
  • Have registered 2 ABBA Litters in the past 5 years
  • Provide Buyers with ABBA Papers, Contract, and Health Guarantee.


Names must be unique to the individual(s) applying for the listing. Your Kennel Name can be up to 3 words no more than 20 characters including spaces.


Once a kennel name is registered, it must be renewed every year. Should the owner of a kennel name fail to renew the protection, the name would be released for general use. Renewal notices are emailed 2 months prior to expiration.
A Kennel name can be transferred from a parent to a child using a standard transfer @ no charge. All other name transfers will incur a fee of $150
When you register a kennel name with the ABBA the registry will exercise reasonable care in protecting the name for the use of the individual(s) to whom it has been registered. Currently, a Registered Kennel Name is protected in all positions of a dog’s name. For example, if the name “Cattle Rustler Kennels” was a Registered Kennel Name, then the name could not appear anywhere in the name of a dog without the written permission of the owner of that kennel name. If the Kennel uses the Prefix "CRK" no other kennel will be allowed to register using that prefix. Further, a dog or litter cannot be registered with a kennel as its owner or use a keenle prefix beofre the dog's name unless the kennel name is registered with the ABBA.
The Registry has the right to retire significant kennel names that have contributed to the breed. No Kennel will be allowed to use the Name Cattle Rustler Kennel or the abbreviation CRK

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