Monthly Newsletter – March 2019

The Month of March brings new changes and growth for the ABBA. Here are a few things happening this Month New & Improved Website  Our New website has finally launched and we are about 90% complete. You can find the ABBA under the following domain names – ALAPAHA.org, ABBAregistry.org &  AlapahaBluebloodbulldog.org. We are in the […]


Banned Breeders

John Christopher Whyte dba Whyte Kennel Alapahas (WKA) 1. Treatment – Animal cruelty and neglect {2.1}. a. Starving dogs to emaciating conditions and/or to death. b. Perpetually unsanitary kennel conditions. 2. Sales – Fraud {3.3, 3.5 and 3.7}. a. Taking deposits without providing a suitable puppy for several buyers. b. Deceptively collecting stud fees for […]