Home Monthly News – March 2019

Monthly News – March 2019

The Month of March brings new changes and growth for the ABBA. Here are a few things happening this Month

New & Improved Website 

Our New website has finally launched and we are about 90% complete. You can find the ABBA under the following domain names – ALAPAHA.org, ABBAregistry.org &  AlapahaBluebloodbulldog.org. We are in the process of merging all old site info into 1 updated site.  I am sure you’re asking why? Well, simply put the old site is very outdated and we need easy access to the site. The ABBA registry office will handle this new site and we will be able to update it frequently.  The new site is interactive, so you’re able to get things done. You can now Register your litters and dogs online. This is great because now there is a very easy paper trail that can be followed when you register your dogs.

BANNED BREEDER LISTing is in full effect.

As with any industry, there are bad apples. The ABBA does its best to make sure that you are getting a true ABBA Alapaha and that’s why we DNA test our dogs for heritage. The ABBA bans breeders who mix breed and those who have been reported for bad breeding practices. For complaints, please contact our Secretary Cynthia Corbett.

Online Registration Status

The online registration process has been a great service in assisting members with registrations. When you register a litter or dog online we will create your registration papers and they will be sent via a download button on our site. You may also request that we print & mail your papers

EVENTS  – We are getting the event page together for next month’s issue.